07.13.11 HGTV Home Images Slowly Making an Appearance

Last summer I worked on a huge advertising and packaging campaign for HGTV Home with Inna Khavinson from Lovely Giant Productions,  Christa Boeke and Amanda Silvestri from Beanstalk, a global licensing agency, and Peter Carberry from Graj+Gustavsen, a prominent design and branding agency.  It was a four day lifestyle shoot where we produced seventy final shots in three locations using twenty models, and a crew of about thirty people.  Needless to say, it was a huge shoot that took months of prep and was full of challenges that I had never come across before.

The biggest challenge was to create lifestyle images that couldn’t be too specific in any way as at the time of the shoot HGTV was in the middle of partnering up with companies from all different segments of the home market and very few deals had been completed.  This led us to shoot most interior shots in environmental studios where prop stylist Loren Simons could put her minimalist aesthetic to work, picking and choosing props that would give the images a non specific look while giving them longevity for the life of the licensing program.  Wardrobe stylist Mindi Smith took a similar approach, creating easy and natural combinations that felt fun and fresh, yet timeless.

The client was extremely happy as the images really captured the look and feel they were going for and were more than pleased that we were able to deliver 20% more images than promised.  All in all, a very successful shoot!  You can see some screen shots below and as more come online I will post them.

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